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Our work philosophy

Our work philosophy

As a customer, you always have special requirements. Fortunately, this is commonplace at DOT. We plug into our experience, knowledge and capacity every day to deliver the best possible result. DOT is a full-service partner and delivers and fulfils the customers' challenges everywhere in Denmark within 48 hours. That's why quality is a crucial keyword to DOT.

Quality is a work philosophy at DOT and that's exactly why we are certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001. DOT takes responsibility for the quality given that production and logistics could not be better handled than by our experienced employees. Full-service deliveries require a good deal of confidence in DOT's overall value chain. Experience, knowledge and capacity are decisive. This is exactly why DOT is able to deliver the quality demanded by every industry.

With regard to hot-dip galvanizing, the steel quality, wall thickness and condition of the surface come into play.

  • The contents of silicon and phosphorus decide the zinc film thickness.
  • The heavier goods, the higher film thickness.
  • The more roughness - from abrasive blast cleaning, etc. - the higher film thickness.

DOT has specialised in meeting the wide range of quality requirements, including guidelines regarding hot-dip galvanizing in DS/EN ISO 1461, painted surfaces in DS/EN ISO 12944 and, not least, in the German guidelines DASt R022.

We give the customers the opportunity to cooperate wherever it makes sense to them and take responsibility for the processes, challenges or technicalities allowing the customer time-saving alternatives. DOT is the customer's guarantee from collection to delivery - and always vouches for the overall result.

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Energy optimisation

Energy optimisation

A surface treatment of your product not only improves the quality but is also a more sustainable solution. The service life of the product will be extended considerably which is a reasonable use of resources in the long run. A surface treatment may extend durability by several decades which will reduce the overall environmental footprint. This makes our surface treatments a sustainable choice if you are looking for a long-term and durable solution.

At DOT, we have been working actively for years focusing on energy savings and optimisation of recycling of residual products. It's important to us to have the least possible environmental impact and we are continually working to optimise our processes to make the most of the resources. Our various processes are documented on a regular basis.

We use natural gas to heat up our zinc baths which protects the environment from substantial CO2 emissions compared to other and more polluting energy sources.

DOT is environmentally certified according to DS/EN ISO 14001.

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