Efficient logistics require a large and flexible fleet of inhouse trucks.

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Collection & delivery within 48 hours

Collection & delivery within 48 hours

In a busy workday, punctual and efficient deliveries are crucial to the entire food chain of your company. DOT collects items in its own trucks as agreed - and usually returns the items within 48 hours - which helps facilitate everyday life for our customers. 

DOT delivers, collects and returns thousands of items every week. Our own fleet of trucks ensures the punctuality which makes DOT the perfect partner. This involves heavy demands on our transport and logistics when thousands of items have to reach their proper destinations every single day.

Our transport setup views the process from a 360 degrees' perspective from placing the order to final delivery. When arriving at the plant, the item will be inspected and registered before being sent to surface treatment. Then the item is transported through finishing and quality control to our finished goods storage where external logistics take over.

We are happy to collect and deliver your items and also offer to handle the subsequent process, including assembly, packaging, storage and shipment directly to your end user. DOT's quality program guarantees quality control with documented measurement reports, film thickness and production conditions registering the individual processes.  

Together, we have optimised our logistics system

Michael Nielsen,
Purchasing manager, Tora A/S

Collection & delivery A fleet of inhouse trucks

As a customer of DOT, you will be part of a network in which the delivery and production processes have been geared to the specific reality and needs of your company.

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