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The Silo

The Silo in Nordhavn is a new and distinct landmark for the Nordhavn in Copenha-gen's former industrial district.

The challenge

The famous grain silo is the largest industrial building in Nordhavn and towers up from the industrial landscape - where the Oresund meets the Harbour of Copenhagen. The original function of the building has shaped the geometry, both inside and outside, where the slim structure and raw concrete surface add character to the building as well as architectural challenges. For how do you create harmony between materials and humans in a historic industrial building?

The solution

The height of the silo and its spectacular vistas brought about a concept using a wide range of architectural moves that created 40 unique apartments. The building opens up to magnificent panoramic views of the Oresund and Copenhagen in three directions. The varying room heights in the silo's floor layout allow special layouts.

The finishing touches are the distinct balconies mounted in modules on the original raw concrete surface of the silo. The magnificent vistas combined with a raw look unite exposed concrete with hot-dip galvanized modular surfaces to create a characteristic and distinct building.

The result

In striking contrast to the original silo The Silo combines old and new materials in a splendid and vibrant facade of glass, steel and concrete. The final glass section at the top of the silo is the crowning touch. By daylight, the facade reflects the surroundings, the sky, the water, the horizon and the city's skyline. After dark, lights from the outside and inside help create a very special setting.

The Silo appears as a transformed symbol which spectacularly combines residences, the roof-top restaurant

"360° Nordhavn" and an area for events from exhibitions, a cafe or stores on the ground floor.

DOT's delivery was
  • Testing facade sheets
  • Testing the steel type / steel choice
  • Film thickness test (compliance with requirement for high film thickness)
  • Design instructions
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