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Marine Harvest

Together with Assentoft Silo, DOT has developed and galvanised 16 raw material silos for a brand new fish food factory at Valsneset near Trondheim for Marine Harvest.

In a close collaboration with Assentoft Silo, DOT has delivered and installed 16 raw material silos for a new fish food factory on Valsneset near Trondheim. 

The silos have been made from 400,000 kg galvanized steel which provides efficient corrosion protection and requires no maintenance. The sheets are mounted on a welded and painted bottom structure. The silos are bolted together in hot-dip galvanized segments to ensure very high corrosion resistance and rapid installation on site at the customer. The silos are bolted on the installation site ensuring a very short installation time.

The robust silo shell of galvanized steel is well-suited for use in areas with an aggressive environment, such as harbours with much salt and water in the air. No other surface treatment will be able to provide the silos with proper protection lasting more than 5 years so close to the sea. 

In collaboration with Assentoft Silo, DOT developed transport fittings which made it possible to transport the large elements. This resulted in major savings during the design and galvanizing phases.

DOT's delivery was
  • Hot-dip galvanizing of 400,000 kg steel
  • Transport
  • Developing a logistics solution
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