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Lalandia Billund

The Aquadome in Lalandia Billund is Scandinavia's largest water park. The Aqua Splash Playground is a landmark for the 10,000 sqm leisure centre. The eye-catching leisure amenity is known throughout the Nordic region. It features as a key attraction in Lalandia's marketing campaigns, which include the resort's TV ads. Many thousands of families visit the tropical water park every year and the "playground" is a runaway success. Water cannons, water slides, and a giant bucket that dumps 1,200 litres of water over anyone within range, mean hours of fun for kids and adults alike. The Aqua Splash Playground is made of multi-coloured steel pipes of varying size.

The challenge

The tropical atmosphere in the water park constantly exposes the playground to severe corrosion. The combination of water, moisture, chlorine and high temperatures causes the tubular steel structures to corrode. The effects are continuous wear and the risk of rust and perforation. This is a common problem facing many swimming pools and outdoor amusement parks – but it is also a challenge that DOT has extensive experience in dealing with.

The solution

As a full-service partner, we are often responsible for managing similar renovation projects throughout the Nordic region. Our expertise in surface treatment ensures a smooth workflow throughout any renovation process. DOT handles all processes in the provision of services to Lalandia Billund – from consultancy and assembly, to corrosion protection and painting.

Assembly & logistics
All steel components at the Aqua Splash Playground were dismantled, numbered and transported to the surface centre at the DOT factory in Fasterholt. The "playground" consists of more than 150 parts. These were then re-assembled, checked and safety-approved after the renovation work was completed.

Sandblasting & hot-dip galvanising
Thorough deacidification and sandblasting are important steps in any renovation work. Existing paint and any corrosion must be completely removed. As the "playground" is made up of complex tubular steel components, special attention was paid to this process before the important step of hot-dip galvanising could go ahead.

Painting & manual work
The constant corrosion to which the steel components are exposed is what determines the type of paint that is used. The application of a primer, and then a particularly resistant specialist paint product, makes the "playground" so durable that it could theoretically be set up in sea water. The paint also meets all environmental and safety requirements for human contact. The numbering of each part made it easy to restore the playground to its original colourful appearance. 8,000 steel bolts were then hand-painted to complete the project.

The result

In less than six weeks, the Aqua Splash Playground was dismantled, hot-dip galvanized, painted, reassembled and reopened to the public. Bright, colourful, shiny, and ready to be enjoyed by enthusiastic kids of all ages. Overview, quality control and attention to detail are key elements in projects where look and appearance really matter – without compromising on the all-important need to ensure protection from corrosion. Aqua Splash Playground remains a landmark for Lalandia Billund – and is now fully prepared for the challenges ahead posed by chlorine, moisture and tropical temperatures.

DOT's delivery was
  • Hot-dip galvanising
  • Painting
  • Consultancy
  • Logistics
  • Assembly
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