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Jysk Park

Jysk Park is a new, strong image and an iconic landmark for Silkeborg; it provides a stun-ning backdrop of good experiences for loads of people.

The vision of the project was to create a new stadium to give Silkeborg IF, the town of Silkeborg and its surroundings a new, strong image and an iconic landmark. In terms of architecture and function, the stadium design creates the optimum framework for players and spectators which can brand Silkeborg nationally and give something back to the town.

JYSK Park has been created with comprehensive stands surrounding the entire field with curved sides which enhance the hugging atmosphere around the field and add a building character. The field forms the centre and ensures great intensity during the matches. The stands have been divided into a sunken part and a risen part which are separated by a level-free service surface with booths and toilet facilities. This ensures visual contact with the field - no matter where you are during the match -and the experience for both players and spectators is total. The arrival building has special sponsor facilities for business life with Sky boxes and a VIP lounge. These areas have been integrated into the stands to contribute to the intense atmosphere during the match.

DOT's delivery was
  • Hot-dip galvanizing of stairs and guards
  • Hot-dip galvanizing of wave breakers
  • Instructions
  • Transport
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